Steel Cladding: A Practical And Attractive Option For Your Business Premises

 Steel cladding is a durable and versatile material for cladding building exteriors. However, many non-specialists are put off by the idea of building with metal. When they hear about steel cladding, they picture sheets of corrugated iron roughly tacked to the roof of a wooden bike shed. In fact, modern steel cladding is much more sophisticated and can be attractive. This, combined with its highly practical and cost-effective nature, makes it a good choice for many office blocks, factories and other Read more [...]

A powerful, affordable POS System

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Small businesses are always on the lookout for ways to cut down costs, enhance competitiveness or increase efficiency. NCR Silver makes it possible to do all these in one go. They offer a type of software that turns iPad tablets into complete point of sale systems with distinct advantages over the rest. It is now being used in various sectors from retail stores to coffee shops and business owners are blown away by the results. It is unlike any other system thanks to the form factor and the unique Read more [...]