Low Budget Viral Ad Campaign Successes

Traditionally, a successful video advertising campaign required hiring the services of a high quality advertising agency. They would bring expensive equipment, highly qualified personnel and often, big name personalities to the table to create a sleek, professional looking video most often intended for viewing by a television audience. However, the internet has changed the way both consumers and companies do business and this most certainly includes the advertising industry. Suddenly, conventional Read more [...]

Ways to Run a Green Business

Whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, “green” business initiatives are good for both your image and for your balance sheet.  Not only are you contributing to improving our planet by reducing your carbon footprint, but you also help your business operate more efficiently.  The mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” teaches us how to use our resources more efficiently and saves you money.  In addition, there are a number of tax credits and deductions your company will qualify Read more [...]