How to Implement a Successful Paper Recycling Policy at Work

It’s a tragic fact that on average, 60-80 percent of office waste is paper.  This means that offices should be trying their very best to recycle as much paper as possible, but some are having more trouble than others.  If your company is one of the ones which is failing to keep up with their recycling responsibilities, here are some of the ways to put a successful paper recycling policy in place.   1 – Purchase and Locate the Necessary Bins There’s no point in trying to tell Read more [...]

How Small Businesses Survive the Holidays against the Big Box Retailers

It seems like it’s always David versus Goliath for the small business guy! At holiday time, the battle seems even more epic. The big box retailers, Goliath, have many advantages over small businesses, David, but just as in the old story the small guy can survive and even win the holiday sales battle. Play Tough Against the Big Boys You can easily hold your own in the holiday wars if you play to your strengths. There are things a small business can do to offset any advantage the mega-retailers Read more [...]