Workforce Training: On the Job Training Vs. Apprenticeship Programs

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, which type of training program is the fairest of them all? Well, that depends on what industry you happen to be in. On-the-job training, called "OJT" is really great in some industries and situations while an apprenticeship makes more sense in others. Sadly, most companies tend to default to one or the other based on what they've read somewhere or what everyone else is doing. The latter approach is especially dangerous, since it's conceivable that everyone in the industry Read more [...]

Top Reasons to Downsize Your Office Space

Bristol businesses have the daunting challenge of maintaining profitability while facing increased costs. For many small business owners, this can mean having to change the entire structure of their organizations in order to produce leaner operations with minimal waste. This, however, is just one of the many reasons to consider downsizing your office space with the help of a Bristol removalist.   New Technical Solutions Exist For Promoting Homeworking   More companies are opting Read more [...]