Green Business Initiatives: Worth the Investment?

A lot of companies are interested in “green” initiatives, or “going green”. Not only are these environmentally friendly practices morally responsible, they can save money and create positive PR for your company. Yet, as the costs of creating green functionality within a workspace stare your accounting team directly in the face – a business owner must ask: “is this really worth the investment?” In this article we’ll investigate some of the top reasons to go green, including how it Read more [...]

How to Use QR Codes to Increase Local Traffic to Your Site

It used to be that when you owned a small business catering to a specific local clientele, a website wasn’t really a necessity. Why put the time and effort into an online presence when all of your customers could find you by simply driving down Main Street or perusing the phone book? Times have changed. These days, even businesses that serve an entirely local audience need to be online. In addition to websites, social media has become a vital marketing tool, allowing you to connect with Read more [...]