Corporate culture, values and visions shape companies’ financial success

A recent study of Deloitte Development LLC showed that organizations with a "culture of purpose" do better than those which are solely profit focused. Very successful companies such as Coca Cola, Apple, and Google have truly two things in common: a strong belief in something and direction. For instance, Coca Cola uses their mission statement to ponder their activities and decisions to develop a consistent brand image. Their formulated vision - such as sustainability, great staff management and Read more [...]

Good Quality Kitchen Supplies From EA Supply

The restaurant business is growing every year and while it is becoming competitive, more and more customers also demand better quality cuisines and a wider variety of meals and dishes available. In order to stay above the competition and always keep customers satisfied. This is where the firm EA Supply Company comes in. this company is the largest provider of kitchen utensils, equipment, products and appliances to hotels and restaurants all across the east coast of America. This firm provides a wide Read more [...]