Wacky Packaging: Why Wackaging Works Like Magic for Business Profits

The brits were the first ones to come up with wacky packaging on their products, but now it seems like there are lot of other companies following suit. Will this trend continue?   It’s called “wackaging,” and it started with a company called “Innocent” and their smoothie line. At first, it was a way to create cute packaging that would sell. Smoothies aren’t exactly the most interesting thing in the world, and marketing departments are charged with coming up with interesting ways to Read more [...]

5 PEO Services You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

A PEO, or Professional Employment Organization, is an agency that leases employees to a company. They can also offer a wide selection of other opportunities to companies. PEOs typically offer many fine services for both the employer and the employee to enjoy. Within those services, there are some obscure offerings to consider in order to help your company grow and succeed. Compensation Services   Compensation services extend beyond providing salaries for their leased employees. Yes, Read more [...]

Using Data to Gain Competitive Advantage

We live in a time when a vast amount of information is available on just about any topic. For businesses looking to increase the bottom line, this can be highly beneficial, but only if you know how to data mine to optimal effect. The field of data mining – analyzing information about site visitors, regular customers and overall buying trends – is revolutionizing the way businesses approach their marketing and sales efforts. If you’re looking to get in on the bounty of information data analysis Read more [...]