Wacky Packaging: Why Wackaging Works Like Magic for Business Profits

The brits were the first ones to come up with wacky packaging on their products, but now it seems like there are lot of other companies following suit. Will this trend continue?   It’s called “wackaging,” and it started with a company called “Innocent” and their smoothie line. At first, it was a way to create cute packaging that would sell. Smoothies aren’t exactly the most interesting thing in the world, and marketing departments are charged with coming up with interesting ways to Read more [...]

How to Use QR Codes to Increase Local Traffic to Your Site

It used to be that when you owned a small business catering to a specific local clientele, a website wasn’t really a necessity. Why put the time and effort into an online presence when all of your customers could find you by simply driving down Main Street or perusing the phone book? Times have changed. These days, even businesses that serve an entirely local audience need to be online. In addition to websites, social media has become a vital marketing tool, allowing you to connect with Read more [...]

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Through Online Advertising

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The age of the Internet and social media has opened many doors for just about anyone, most especially to those who are in the world of marketing. The information technology age has allowed people to access just about anything that they need right at their fingertips. Out of the many advantages that the Internet has provided the world today, the most important and most useful one so far is that it has given businesses and other entities a totally new platform to gain exposure for their products, services Read more [...]

Low Budget Viral Ad Campaign Successes

Traditionally, a successful video advertising campaign required hiring the services of a high quality advertising agency. They would bring expensive equipment, highly qualified personnel and often, big name personalities to the table to create a sleek, professional looking video most often intended for viewing by a television audience. However, the internet has changed the way both consumers and companies do business and this most certainly includes the advertising industry. Suddenly, conventional Read more [...]

The Best of Puerto Rico Attractions

While you are staying at Puerto Rico, you have got to visit the Puerto Rico attractions, especially the San Juan attractions. There are a lot of places that are worth visiting, as Puerto Rico attractions are exotic and they speak volumes about the Central American culture and heritage. Bayamón, Cayay, Arecibo and San Juan, the capital city of the territory, are filled with a variety of churches, parks, architectural masterpieces and exotic beaches and several other tourist attractions in Puerto Read more [...]

The Tell-Tale Signs That Say It’s Time for a Business Rebrand

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When it comes to defining your company’s brand identity, the tough economic climate that many businesses are feeling the brunt of today means it’s certainly no time to rest of your laurels. A strong brand identity can essentially mean the difference between making your mark in your target niche and missing out on big business but how do you decide when it’s time for your company to undertake a bit of freshening up in the brand department? Business solutions specialists Forsyth has compiled Read more [...]

Automated Sales Force for Marketers

The Small Business CRM is a solution addressed to the marketing departments that want to manage the sales plan easily, and for measuring the efficiency and success rate of each one of those campaigns’s ROI (Return of Investment). With such a program, it is possible to identify the most efficient communication channels, and to implement dynamic segmentation of the market. Well, such a module exists at the level of every CRM program, but it is not as detailed as some might want. Automated Read more [...]